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Virgo is represented by the Virgin.  She is pure and innocent, earthy and practical.  She is sensibility in the deepest sense.  She cannot suffer a fool.  She has acute observation skills and nothing misses her quick eye.

This analytical sign will analyze everything and everyone to death.  Virgo can be a busybody, morally judging others.  These are critical people who will nit pick those they love.  According to Virgo, they never do anything wrong, and everyone else cannot do anything right.  They mean well, but this can be difficult to handle for someone who is not thick-skinned.

Virgo is a hard worker, and he will finish the job that nobody else wants.  He is not above menial labor.  He is reliable, dependable and prompt.  A Virgo always shows up for work on time, and he no slacker.  He takes both his career and family duties seriously.   

Hygiene is important to this sign, and some have been accused of being a neat freak.  They are meticulous and well-organized individuals who believe everything should have a special place.  This is not the person frantically running around in the morning to find their keys.  Be sure that Virgo knows where his or her keys are located. 

This is the sixth sign of the zodiac, and it is a mutable sign.  These folks adapt well to change.  Some of them enjoy gardening and horticulture, as they naturally possess a green thumb.

In love, Virgo remains detached.  They approach love just as they do everything else--practically.  They use their head and not their heart.  But, if they love you, they express their love in sensible ways.  You can rely on them to be a help mate.  And, they are wonderful selfless caregivers.  If you are sick, the Virgo will sympathize and bring you chicken soup and hot tea, and tuck your blankets in for you.

However caring and dutiful, when it comes to romance, they can be duplicitous.  The Virgo partner may stray from time to time.

Virgo can suffer from digestive or intestinal problems.  They may experience indigestion a lot.  They are prone to polyps and hemorrhoids or other ailments affecting the colon and anal area.  They also may endure problems with their feet since the Virgo polarity is Pisces.

Virgoan people are easily identified as they tend to be thin, light to dark brown hair, neat and clean no-nonsense smart style of dress.

Virgo makes a good horticulturist, military soldier, government worker, librarian, notary public, scribe, factory worker, doctor, nurse or any caregiver in the healthcare industry.

August 23 - September 22

  • Motto:  I KNOW or I ANALYZE
  • Color:  GREEN or ORANGE
  • Planet:  MERCURY
  • Triplicity:  EARTH
  • Quadrant:  CADENT
  • Quadruplicity:  MUTABLE
  • Apostle:

Sign Classification:


Virgo in Love

You are steady, practical and nurturing in love.  Sexually, you can be rather inhibited, but with the right partner, you are really hot.  Virgo is hypercritical, so take a break from over-analyzing your lover's every move and enjoy yourself.  Learn to be more understanding and accepting of others' faults, Virgo.