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Astrology in Action


Sagittarius is represented by the Centaur. This half horse-half man beast is freedom loving and living life to its fullest potential. He can prove like a wild bucking horse when he feels restrained. But nobody else will take you to the stars and back in one single evening. Excitement is his middle name, and he can awe you with his transcendental philosophies. Sagittarius is bad-tempered, impulsive and fiery. People of this sign will always speak the truth, even if it's rude. Tact and social graces are not their strong point. Etiquette? What's that? When angered, they quickly forgive and forget, holding no grudge. Hating others and focusing on all that negativity is way too time consuming for a Sagittarius. And, his time is precious.

Sagittarius is selfish and egotistical. He thinks big and dreams big. He or she is a dreamer. But, at the same time, this sign is chock full of horse sense. Common sense and wisdom are their strong point, and they will never pass an opportunity to dispense what they know. They are courageous and daring and will be present once the bugle is blown. These free-spirited people are always game to try new and exciting things.

They are the ninth sign of the zodiac, and they represent the higher spirituality of a person. Religion and higher education lie here. They are most likely self-taught even if they have never received post-secondary education. They learn new things throughout life. And, life lessons are not in vain. They learn from their mistakes--it only takes once.

Sagittarius is a philosopher in the greatest sense of the word. This sign is deeply spiritual or religious. However, the Centaur often displays the negative side of religion with its self-righteousness and judgmental attitudes. They are the biggest hypocrites in the zodiac. They will make moral judgements about everyone around them, except themselves. They seem blind to their own faults, which are many. They cannot keep a secret, and will spread gossip. In doing so, they are capable of fantastic embellishments or exaggerations.

In love, they can be hasty and impulsive. This impulsiveness can lead to gambling addiction. Sagittarius is fickle, but not stupid. So, while they may stray from time to time, they know where their bread and butter lies. They will not wreck homes and lives in the name of love like Aries does. They require a faithful partner and are possessive and jealous.

They are prone to hip and thigh ailments. They can also be subject to circulation problems and diseases of the blood. They might also suffer hand and wrist injury like carpel tunnel. They might even suffer form learning disabilities like dyslexia and reading problems. Hasty Sagittarius is clumsy. They are also susceptible to injury or misfortune during local travel, sometimes involving car accidents.

Sagittarius makes good ministers and religious leaders, flight attendants, travel agents, social workers, counselors and higher court employees.

November 22 - December 21

  • Motto: I COULD

  • Color: BLUE
  • Planet: JUPITER
  • Triplicity: FIRE
  • Quadrant: CADENT
  • Quadruplicty: MUTABLE
  • Metal: TIN
  • Apostle:

Sign Classification: SOUTHERN











Sagittarius in Love

You are fun, charming and passionate in love. You have the ability to inspire your lover to see the light side of life. Centaurs are high maintenance. You are hot, but you get jealous in love, but remember to allow your partner to be as free a spirit as you'd like to be. Try using kindness and patience when dealing with lovers, Sagittarius.