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Astrology in Action

Neptune Through the Signs by Cara Rungo

Aries Neptune

This is a bad placement for Neptune. Neptune Aries makes you extremely physically magnetic. This position grants you much sexual power and any lover you take will be hypnotized by you. You possess and unusual power that makes lovers melt. This position makes you photogenic. You could be a model as Neptune rules photography. You might also be a dancer as Neptune rules dance. If afflicted, you might choose immodest ways to express your Neptune Aries rules sexual Mars. There could work in the pornographic film industry where your sex and physical body are portrayed on film or in photography.

There is often confusion and self-destruction of the physical self. Drugs and alcohol abuse are real threats here. You appear flighty or spacey to outsiders. Others might consider you an idle daydreamer. Health problems may be hard to diagnose. You benefit from holistic medicine. This placement definitely brings thievery and deceit--you are either the perpetrator or the victim or both.

Taurus Neptune

Taurus in Neptune denotes much confusion and deceit concerning money. Theft of money and possessions is possible with this placement. Bank accounts could get mixed up and other similar errors are commonly linked to Taurus in Neptune. This placement could cause fraudulent activity like writing bad checks. The voice is melodic and otherworldly. This placement also lends much physical beauty. You also love perfume. Cosmetics and soap making are home to this placement, as anything liquid and Venusian is ruled here. Taurus Neptune is not particularly imaginative, and natives prefer tangible, concrete things rather than having to fill in the blanks with their imagination.

Income from oil and other liquids often occur. Investments into liquids or oils or anything oceanic produces dividends.

Gemini Neptune

Neptune in the sign of Gemini brings dishonesty and mental escapism. You are very dreamy and powers of imagination are great, but communication has a tendency to get lost in translation. This suggests a muddled mind. There is often confusion surrounding the thinking like this person is stuck in a fog. This person might be a liar and a thief. Mercury and Neptune both rule trickery, theft and deceit, so this placement doubles the likelihood that the person is dishonest.

There can be much confusion surrounding siblings and cousins with this position. Siblings struggle with drug and alcohol addiction or have been a destructive element somehow. The neighborhood is usually located seaside. The home could be located near a pond or other body of water. Short distance local travel could cause confusion. There might be a ferry or some other short distance water within the neighborhood used for travel.

Cancer Neptune

Neptune is exalted in the zodiac sign of Cancer. This placement indicates the desire for escapism at home. The home may be turned into a mystical and fantasy palace, where you can live out your fantasies after returning from the real harsh world. There may be plumbing problems and flooding. You may experience a haunting in the home during early childhood. You are psychic. You feel the emotions of those who have passed. You display compassion toward children, always willing to help an disadvantaged child. If Neptune is heavily afflicted, there could be a desire to escape the home life and motherhood duties. There is also a real threat of theft in the form of home invasion.

The mother was absent from the home or maybe there was an early death. There is often confusion surrounding the home, the mother and the end of life. Mother may have struggled with mental illness, alcoholism or drug addiction.

Leo Neptune

Neptune in Leo allows for stardom. Neptune rules film and Leo rules theatrics and the stage, making this the logical placement for mega movie star fame. The silver screen is a perfect outlet for Neptune in Leo. Other outlets include dance and art and any other avenue where Leo can show off its ingenuity. Fiery Leo inspires and ignites compassionate and spiritual Neptune, producing a strong spirituality. Religious zealots can be born here. Coupled together, Neptune and Leo can also create awesome transcendental art in its highest form. Fantasy artwork suits you. If heavily afflicted, there can be a desire to escape from the burden of raising children. Theft and deceit and escapism can come through romance. Confusion surrounds romance, children and any other extensions of the self. You are creative and your powers of creation are dreamy and otherworldly. This position denotes romance by the water.

Virgo Neptune

Neptune is in its detriment when found in the sign of Virgo. Information and details are often misinterpreted or erroneous. Virgo thwarts Neptune's impractical and visionary nature. Virgo forces Neptune to see the trees in the forest, and lends some practicality to impractical, spacey Neptune. This position debilitates the Neptunian creative or imaginative flare. This position is not particularly imaginative, and natives prefer tangible, concrete things rather than having to fill in the blanks with their own imagination. Neptune in Virgo suggests hard to diagnosis illnesses. This position of Neptune benefits from holistic medicine and hypnosis.

There is confusion surrounding health and co-workers. This position is indicative of defrauding the government.

Libra Neptune

Neptune in Libra denotes confusion surrounding legal issues and marriage. Paperwork surrounding marriage is often fraudulent. This person may marry an alcoholic and drug addict or someone with a foot fetish or penchant for strippers and men addicted to unsavory immodest women. There is usually something unclear or fraudulent when it comes to marriage paperwork. You could be a bigamist or you might not legally be telling the whole truth when it comes to your marital status for some reason or another. Another scenario here is that this person marries someone whom they feel sorry for and stay married to a pathetic spouse out of guilt or empathy. In the end, the Libra Neptune person is unhappy being prisoner in a bad relationship.

Legal issues are often comprised of "snakes and spiders." Legal messes cannot be disentangle from easily. Business partnerships should be avoided because they may lead to theft and deceit.

Scorpio Neptune

You are very dreamy and powers of imagination might lead to obsession and other unhealthy fantasies. This position grants you much sexual power and any lover you take will be hypnotized by you. You possess and unusual power that makes lovers melt. Neptune Scorpio is dishonest and secretive. Scorpio in this position portends alcohol abuse. You are sexually attracted to certain undesirable mates such as an alcoholic or two, unfaithful types, sailors, foot fetishists or others who portray some sexual fantasy either give or take, strippers, or any immoral people in general. There is a lot of guilt and fantasy life concerning sex. This position can become like a swirling abyss that consumes a person in fantasy, disillusionment and a general fog. Your empathy runs deep, but you must learn to separate you from others. This is a very confusing position for Neptune and the escapism instinct and theft of other peoples' money is incredibly strong.

There is often confusion surrounding death, wills, probate, taxes. Tax evasion is not at all unlikely. Income from oil and other liquids and large settlements from insurance companies is denoted.

Sagittarius Neptune

Sagittarius is an excellent placement for Neptune. This placement is deeply spiritual and definitely associated with religion, psychic or occult studies. There is a heavy spiritual element at play. You are devout and compassionate. You could suffer from delusions of grandeur. Jupiter tends to think big and expansively, so coupled with spiritual dreamy Neptune, the dreams are big. The honesty of Jupiter and the lies of Neptune meet here, so this helps to make Neptune more truthful. This person does not intentionally lie, and he or she is generally honest. But, occasionally, this placement will muddle the ability to tell the difference from the truth and the lie. Therefore, it causes those with this placement to actually believe the skewed truth.

There can be much confusion surrounding foreigners, foreign lands and travel. Theft and deceit can be a real threat when in foreign countries. This is the "target tourist." This position denotes long distance travel by water.

Capricorn Neptune

Capricorn in Neptune suggests a scandalous fall from grace and a marred reputation. This could be directly related to Neptunian things like drugs and alcohol or scandal involving homosexuality, prison sentences and the like. Neptune is definitely connected to same-sex relationships. There will be confusion and escapism tendencies concerning career. You could live in such a fantasy world that you cannot muster the ambition to find employment or hold a job. The career also may pose some sort of route for escapism. Career may involve a corporate or non-corporate career dealing in liquids, oils, gases, poisons or water. Capricorn Neptune is not particularly imaginative, and natives prefer tangible, concrete things rather than filling in the blanks with their own imagination.

Confusion surrounds the father. The father was not active in raising you, and he was either in prison or he worked as a prison guard. He may have been a sailor out to sea. Father could have struggled with alcoholism or drug addiction or suffered mental illness. Whatever the reason, the father was notably absent.

Aquarius Neptune

Neptune is in its fall when found in Aquarius. Neptune in Aquarius is a charitable position as there is boundless compassion for humankind. Neptune is the most compassionate planet, always representing the underdog, the vagrant, the homeless, the down-trodden. You are intuitive, and psychic abilities may come through Uranian flashes like lightning. You probably follow unusual spiritual paths, embracing new age schools of thought or some other unusual religion not found in the mainstream like Scientology.

There is confusion surrounding organizations. This position rules non-profit organizations that help the poor or disadvantaged. However, Neptune is the ruler of theft and deceit, so donations and funding could be misappropriated with the placement. Diligent oversight of such organizations is recommended. Theft by friends and acquaintances is indicated also.

Pisces Neptune

Neptune is in its ruler when in Pisces. You enjoy a vivid inner world when you are all alone. You are really in touch with your own subconscious. Your powers of imagination are great. This position grants you unusually strong hypnotic powers. There are many secrets with this placement. You attract unfortunate events and unsavory people who need saving into your life. Some people may take advantage of your kindness and your vulnerability. Your empathy runs deep, but you must learn to separate you from others.

There is often guilt and depression with this placement. Drugs and alcohol addictions are also prevalent here. This position indicates one who is psychic. Psychic abilities may manifest through dreams.

Neptune is exalted in Cancer