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Leo is the strong, proud vision of Leo the Lion.  He is glitzy, glamorous and charming.  He possesses loads of confidence, a unique sense of style, and adores frivolities and glittery objects.  He is a social butterfly and just needs to be admired in all his wonderful unending glory by a large audience.  Leo is the actor, and you can be sure Leo is acting  even when he is alone just in case someone is watching.  Leo is a boastful egomaniac, and if you deal with Leo, you must deal with his gigantic ego.

The Sun is dignified in Leo, its ruler.  Leo is a stubborn sign that will not back down in the face of danger and will not balk at extreme measures to protect his pride.  If you mess with Leo's family, you mess with Leo.  They will fiercely protect their children, and they are usually involved in their children's lives.  You can count on Leo to attend scouting, recitals and PTA meetings.  In fact, most den mothers are Leo.

Leo is ruled by the heart, and when in love, he or she is a hopeless romantic.  Leo lavishes flowery affection and gifts upon their loved ones.  Although they are usually greedy by nature, they are big spenders when it comes to love.  There is nothing Leo loves more than being in love.  In this way, Leo is sympathetic to the sign of Libra.

Leo can be promiscuous; however, they are capable of being faithful if they are hopelessly in love.  And, if they feel that their faithful devotion has been betrayed, the lion will bite and scratch if they suspect duplicity.   And, the fiercely jealous lion's strike will be hard and swift.  And, while cheaters recuperate from their wounds, a jaded and heartbroken Leo moves on.  Maybe.  This sign also has a tendency to become obsessive in love.  Just like the jungle cat stalks its prey, so does Leo.

Leo tends to suffer from ailments of the heart, back and lower legs.  They are also prone to diseases affecting the sexual organs.  Leonine women often undergo hysterectomies.  Leo possesses much upper body strength, and they are graceful in their movements, much like the cat.  They do not walk; they saunter.  When a shimmering beauty with a lion's mane gracefully enters the room, and heads turn, be sure that is Leonine energy.

Leo is a passionate and artistic soul.  They are capable of great compassion and love of humanity.  They are protectors, and they will side with the underdog.   

Leo loves to create a showy display, making them effective public speakers, politicians, artists, actors, actresses, musicians and any other performing arts.

July 23 - August 22

  Motto:  I CREATE
    Color:  YELLOW or GOLD
    Planet:  SUN
    Triplicity:  FIRE
    Quadrant:  SUCCEDENT
    Quadruplicity:  FIXED
    Metal:  GOLD

Sign Classification:


Leo in Love

You are dynamic, impulsive and passionate in love.  Sexually, you are animalistic, but you are rather high maintenance.  You might benefit from taking a break from the stage and focus on your partner more.  Share the limelight with the one you love, Leo.