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Capricorn is the seagoat.  He is earthy and rough around the edges, has an excellent sense of smell, and doesn't like frivolities.  He is slow to anger, unlike his predecessor.  He loves old people and has much respect for his elders and old-fashioned ways.  Strangely, they folks will appear much older and mature in youth; as they age, they appear more youthful.  Capricorn secretly fears growing old. 

Capricorn works hard and gets things done.  No questions, no complaints.  The seagoat takes his career seriously, and he or she excels in his or her chosen profession.  They have an unmatched sense of duty when it comes to career that no other sign shares.  Their authoritative exterior commands respect, placing them eventually in positions of power.

Their sense of duty also extends to their family.  Capricorn never abandons the family.  He is faithful in all he does.  He is a faithful lover, father and secret keeper.  You can count on Capricorn.  His reliable personality makes him boring. Capricorn has been accused of being a wet blanket.  They lack abundant energy, and they take frequent naps.  Other than going to work, which they feel is their duty, they are generally a lazy sign.  Don't expect help with the housework. 

The goat loves nature and the great outdoors.  In the bosom of nature is where he belongs.  He senses he is part of something greater than himself.  He has a respect for all living things and the circle of life, understanding that all things have a life cycle and must live and die in time.  He is fond of hunting, fishing and any outdoor recreation.  Capricorn is a live and let live sign.  They won't bother you as long as you don't bother them. 

Capricorns suffer from knee injuries, dental problems and bone disease.  They might also be prone to stomach and indigestion problems.  

Capricorns make excellent builders, woodworkers and anything that creates solid objects that can withstand the test of time.  After all, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn--Father Time.

Capricorns' love of family and antiquity makes them excellent genealogists, preservationists, conservationists, historians and antique dealers.  They also excel in the corporate world.


December 22 - January 20

  • Motto:  I PRESERVE
  • Color:  GRAY or BLACK
  • Planet:  SATURN
  • Triplicity:  EARTH
  • Quadrant:  ANGULAR
  • Quadruplicity:  CARDINAL
  • Metal:  LEAD
  • Apostle:

Sign Classification:

  • ONYX

Capricorn in Love

You are steady, practical and thoughtful in love.  Sexually, you're a gentle, thorough lover, but you can be neglectful of your lover's emotions.  Expressing your emotions to your partner more often will be rewarding, Capricorn.