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Aquarius is represented by the water bearer.  Aquarius is a revolutionary.   It the the sign that sympathizes with all humanity.  They love on world-wide scale.  They are lively, engaging and rather fun to be around.  They tend toward quirkiness and can be so eclectic that it borders on bizarre.

The Sun is in its detriment when found in the sign of the water bearer.  Aquarius can be shifty and underhanded, attracted to the dregs of society because he can relate to the human spirit and all its walks of life.  But, this sometimes draws the wrong people, and Aquarius finds himself in trouble.  Again.  

Aquarius is a flighty social butterfly that enjoys being the center of attention almost as much as Leo.  This is because they are polar opposites on the astrological wheel.  He or she has a scientifically bent mind and this sign resonates with electricity as it is ruled by Uranus.   Aquarians have odd timing.

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, representing friends and charitable actions upon the world.  These people are generous and have many friends.  But, these friendships tend to be superficial acquaintances.  True friends whom with they are close are few.

In love, they are more mental, and they usually keep remain aloof.  They are charming, but they will not hesitate to tell the truth if you ask them if you look fat in that dress.  And, they always reserve their truthful opinion, so you may become dependent on it over time.  Aquarius is never jealous, and he or she doesn't mind sharing his or her mate--even intimately.  Aquarians are the swingers of the zodiac.

Aquarius are prone to injury or ailments involving the calves and ankles.  Many Aquarians suffer from heart and back issues.  Aquarius can be rather clumsy, because he is spaced-out and he just simply isn't watching where he is stepping.  These folks prefer psychedelic drugs.  They seem to have legal issues related to drugs and political upheaval.

Aquarians make great rebellious political leaders, electricians, storm chasers, inventors, scientists, non-profit organization founders, charity workers.  Astrologer and new-age thinker suits their style as well.

January 21 - February 19

Motto:  I INVENT
    Color:  LIGHT BLUE
    Planet:  URANUS and SATURN
    Triplicity:  AIR
    Quadrant:  SUCCEDENT
    Quadruplicity:  FIXED
    Metal:  URANIUM

Sign Classification: SOUTHERN


Aquarius in Love

You are dynamic, impulsive and passionate in love.  Sexually, you are experimental and fun, but you can delve too deep into the world of kink.  Your humanitarian nature compels you spread your love around.  But your significant other is more than just your best friend, so be sure not to neglect them in the process, Aquarius.