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Astrology in Action



Saturn Report


Learn about how your Saturn placement affects you!

Discover your karmic life lessons.  How should you go about building long-lasting material wealth and/or a firmer foundation.  How can you turn your goals into reality? 

Learn about the cycles of Saturn and how they affect each of us.  What can you expect on your first Saturn return?  What can you expect on your second Saturn return?  How to make your Saturn returns yield the best results.

Get the new Saturn Report today!


Included in your 20-page report:



  • Saturn in Your Chart
  • General Overview—Saturn
  • Saturn by Sign
  • Saturn by House
  • The Cycles of Saturn
  • Your First Saturn Return
  • Your Second Saturn Return
  • Saturn Midpoints
  • How to Work Through Your Saturn



Please allow three weeks for delivery. This is a customized report created specifically for you by me. Therefore, this item is non-refundable. Thank you for your patience.

Please specify name, sex, birthdate mm/dd/yyyy, time and location of birth. If time of birth is unknown, please specify.

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