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Astrology in Action



Astrology Explained


When were you born? Have you been lucky and successful in life?
Do you wonder whether you are filling the right place in business,
society and family that you should.

For years Astrologers have made a study of the planets and stars,
and of the influence which they bear on the lives of human beings.
You know that the rise and fall of the tides of the ocean are due to
 the moon's influence, why not the rise and fall of man to the other
planets influences?

This book explains in full just how you can read these influences so
that you can forecast the probabilities and possibilities of a person
born on any particular date. Get it and learn what the future has in store
for you and your friends.

At, we're proud to offer this rare and out-of-print book written by the famous author and astrologer Sepharial. This is a must read book packed full of Sepharial's wisdom.  

FORMAT:  PDF ebook

PAGES:   141 pages

Table Of Contents

The Alphabet of the Heavens
I. The Planets, their Nature and Types
II. The Signs of the Zodiac
III. The Celestial Houses
IV. The Astronomical Aspects

The Construction of a Horoscope
I. The Ephemeris and its Uses
II. To Erect a Figure of the Heavens
III. The Tables of Houses
IV. Planetary Transits
V. Table of Eclipses

How to Read the Horoscope
I. The Planets in the Houses
II. The Constitution
III. Health and Sickness
IV. How to Read Character and Disposition
V. Financial Prospects
VI. The Position in Life
VII. The Choice of Occupation
VIII. Marriage Circumstances
IX. Indications of Progeny
X. Voyages and Journeys

XI. Of Friends and Enemies
XII. The End of Life

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